CNC Dimple And Mandrel Hole Punching

CNC Dimple And Mandrel Hole Punching

CNC Dimple Hole Punching

One of the options that we purchased with the SOCO, SB-32 Left, Right Bender was CNC Dimple Hole Punching capability.  This machine allows us to not only program Left Right Rotary bending and Push Bending, it also allows us the ability to punch precision hole anywhere on the tube via the software on the Bending Machine. This hole punching feature is not only very precise, it is also the fastest way to fabricate structural tubing that requires holes.  If this sounds like it something you need, please give us a call.  

Custom Dimple Style Services Hole Punching

is our cost-effective means of punching round, square, and rectangular holes into metal tubing. This type of hole punching has two styles, Double Dimple & Single Dimple. The double-dimple version uses two individual punches that travel towards each other during the press cycle. Since this style punches without an internal support (mandrel), the punches create a dimple. The single-dimple version uses a single punch that travels from one side and continues through the tube. The tube is supported on the backside, so there is only a dimple on one side of the tube. The tooling used with this type of hole punching is very inexpensive when compared to mandrel-style hole punching. Holes may be punched one at a time or multiple holes in multiple locations and planes.

Custom Mandrel Style Hole Punching Services

is our cost-effective way to punch round, square, and rectangular holes in metal tubing. This method of punching uses an internal support so the outside diameter integrity of the tube is not altered. Holes may be punched one at a time or multiple holes in a row. Mandrel style hole punching is required when tubes need to telescope or fit inside one another. The tooling required for mandrel hole punching is more expensive than dimple hole punching, but is more accurate and holds tighter tolerances.


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