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Roll Bending And Coiling

Custom Coiling and Roll Bending Tubes

Carell Corp. 305HV Roll Bender with roll guides for all kinds of shapes and sizes, see spec sheet:
Flats, Hard 3 x ⅝   Ø30
Flats, Easy 5 x 1   Ø26
Square Bar 1-¾   Ø22
Angle, Leg-out 3 x ⅜   Ø42
Angle, Leg-in 2-½ x 5/16   Ø42
Tee, Leg-out 3 x ⅜   Ø34
Tee, Leg-in 3 x 5/16   Ø36
C, Leg-out 5 x 2   Ø28
C, Leg-in 4 x 2   Ø36
Round Bar 2   Ø22
1 pipe, Sch. 40 2-½   Ø32
1 Round Tube 3-½ x 14Ga
2 Square Tube 2-½ x 10Ga
2 Rect. Tube 3 x 1-½ x 10Ga
I Beam Easy Way S5 x 10
SectionModulusin3 - 1.10
Rolling Speed - 20
Installed Power HP - 6.5
Roll Diameters - 9.65
Approx. Weight lbs. - 3,450

Alert Tubing has the ability to roll bend or coil many types of material, as well as, many different types of material shapes.  Whether you need Mild steel tube, Stainless Steel, Pipe, Copper, or Aluminum; we can help you.  We also roll bend Angle Iron, and U shaped materials.  With three different size roll benders Alert Tubing has the versatility that our customers require to do the job right. 

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