Flaring and Parflange

Custom 37 Degree and 45 Degree Flared Joint Services
37 Degree Flared Joints form a liquid-tight, airtight connection at the ends of tubing. This fabrication method of flaring offers a long-lasting seal that matches the exact shape of matching flare fittings (such as J.I.C. nuts and sleeves).

Custom 90 Degree Seal-Lok Services
The flanging method requires the use of an appropriate forming machine to create the flange or flat face on the tube end. Since the flat face of the flanged tube seals against the O-ring within the fitting groove, it is important that this surface be relatively smooth. Proper tube end preparation (cutting, deburring and cleaning) will help accomplish this goal. The Parker Parflange® machines utilize an orbital cold forming process to produce a flat, smooth, rigidly-supported 90° sealing surface on the tube end.
Flaring and ParflangeFlaring and Parflange Flaring and Parflange