Reducing and Expanding

Custom Tube End Expansion Services
It can be achieved by either Ram Forming Expansion or Segment Expansion, and we offer both styles of fabrication. The first type simply forces a tapered die into the tube and then retracts the die. The die is dedicated to the size and shape of the inside diameter that is desired. The second type involves a series of segmented fingers that are inserted into the tube and then expanded to the desired size.

Custom Tube End Reduction Services
It is a process that reduces the outside diameter (OD) of the tube for the purpose of fitting into the inside diameter (ID) of a mating tube or to fit into an opening of some sort. There are two methods of tube reduction, Ram Forming Reduction or Segment Reduction, and we can offer both styles of fabrication. The ram-style of end reduction forces a dedicated die over the end of the tube and then retracts the die. The die is designed to achieve the proper OD and length or reduction. Segment reduction involves a series of segmented fingers that close over the OD of the tube and hydraulically reduces the tube size.

Custom Double Lap Flaring Services
Offers added strength for tube ends that are subjected to more stress and fatigue. The joint is designed so that the inside surface of the flare has a larger diameter, so it does not interfere with flow characteristics of the system. The single flare is available in 37° & 45° and meets MS33584C and SAE specifications. Double-lap flaring can be formed in the same shapes and meets the same.

Custom Huth Expander And Swager
Expanding and beading capacity ranges from 1 inch to 5-1/2 inch, and tube swaging, reducing, and flaring capacity up to 3 inch OD. We have most every die size you might need for this one. It will also form solid round stock.



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