Flatten, Trim, Pierce, Slotting, and Notching

Flatten, Trim, Pierce, Slotting, and Notching

Custom Flatten, Trim, And Pierce Services
A punch press operation that is a cost-effective way to produce a flat tube end for tubular assemblies. Using a dedicated die set, this process combines three separate operations: flattening the end of the tube, trimming the end corners, and piercing a hole pattern for fastening the tube.

Custom Slotting Services
A punch press operation that introduces an open-ended slot into the end of the tube. This process requires a dedicated, mandrel-punching die that assists in shaping the tube in the desired manner. Typical shapes include a straight slot (rectangular or square) and a locking slot that has a curved end. Slots are commonly used as keyways for telescoping tubes or for locating the direction of a tube in a fitting during assembly.

Custom Notching Services
Combines a punch press with a dedicated punch die to reshape the end of a tube. Typical shapes include fish mouth and compound fish mouth ends that allow tube ends to fit tightly to one another. Another shape is an angled, or "V" notch that is more common for square and rectangular tubes.

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