Engineering and Quality

Engineering and Quality
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Wilbur Wolf:
Alert tubing engineering software can extract X,Y,Z’s, and L,R,A’s from your 3D models.
In most cases depending on the complexity of the part, we do require 3D .STEP files, OR .IGES files.
If the part is complex and you don’t have a 3D file we can do it for you.
All parts are checked with our Romer Arm during the initial setup by our bending tech staff on each job.
All parts during the initial setup phase keep getting adjusted until the parts are to your requested tolerance’s.
After that we check every 5th, 10th  or 20th  part depending on the customers requirement’s.   
We do offer PPAP, and FAI for all jobs.   That requires a higher cost do to all the setup work being done over the first few parts.  We do give our customer’s supporting documentation for the material Cert’s and the bending data from the Romer Arm, when requested

If you have a hydraulic line or any part for that matter that needs to be replaced, and you don’t have a print, we can reverse engineer the part with our Romer Arm and make an exact replacement part for you.

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