NC/CNC/CNC Push Bending

Custom CNC Tube Bending Services

Alert has a wide variety of capability with our three precision CNC bending machines. Our SB-32, SB-52, and SB-63 CNC machines can not only bend with a high degree of precision for any size run, they can create highly precise prototype parts. We have invested heavily in new dies for these machines to make our customer’s job easier when it comes to finding the correct die size for their needs. Our SB-32 Auto can do some pretty neat stuff. It not only can bend LEFT and RIGHT for those special parts that will crash on standard bending machine. It can also PUSH Bend parts that require an arced radius, as small as 5D, as well as normal rotary bends on the same part. It also has the ability to punch precision CNC dimple holes anywhere on the tube for any application.

Custom NC Tube Bending Services

Alert has 4 NC bending machines that have been REBUILT and DIGITIZED to enhance precision. We have Pines 3/4, 1, 1 1/4, and 2 machines. We have a wide variety of capability when it comes to NC bending. For smaller or larger parts that cannot be formed on a CNC machine, we have the ability to turn these parts out on our NC benders, especially if the parts require special fixtures. We make these parts for customers that require very unique tight bends that have beading, flaring, or washers that must be incorporated into the final assembly, but must be incorporated on the parts prior to the final bending process.

Custom Die Selection

Alert has an extensive bending die library ranging from 1/8 In. to 3 In. OD, with a large variety of radius to choose from. We also have many die sizes for Rectangular and Square tubing, again with many different radii. If we don't have the die size or radius you want, we have the ability to make these very easily at a low cost.


SB 52

SB 63

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